I know that getting your content seen on Facebook can be difficult. I understand the frustration of posting content you know is great, and then only getting one or two likes. Not only do you have to produce great content, you also have to ensure your content is being seen.

Getting your content seen on Facebook is more complicated than other social media sites. Unlike Instagram and Twitter, Facebook users don’t use hashtags to find content. Facebook uses a relevance algorithm to decide what will show up at the top of users’ newsfeeds. The goal of Facebook’s algorithm is to show users content that they are interested in and are likely to interact with.

Making the Facebook algorithm work for me was a process I learned through research and trial and error. I made the mistakes and learned the hard lessons so that you don't have to.

Use these simplified easy to follow steps to make the Facebook algorithm work for you:

Post original “on message” content
  1. Create your own videos, images, and links to post directly to your page/group.
    • The algorithm rewards original content development that is posted directly to Facebook. If you make a video, upload it directly to Facebook, do not link it from YouTube. Facebook encourages you to use their tools, and keep your followers engaged on their site.
  2. Post relevant information that people can only get from your page/group.
    • Make sure all of your posts are filled with content your followers can’t find anywhere else. Do not post clickbait or misleading headlines. Stay on topic and your followers will grow loyal and interact with your group more. Remember: post quality is more important than quantity.
Interact with followers
  1. Post engaging content that starts conversations.
    • The algorithm boosts content that causes interactions (likes, shares, and comments). Facebook users predominantly see content that they are likely to want to interact with. Encourage followers to share your content.
  2. Having your followers share your posts is the fastest way to grow your reach organically.
    • Content ranks higher in the algorithm when it is shared by people you know, trust, and interact with. When your followers share your content, your content gets ranked higher in their friends’ Facebook feeds.
Post Variety
  1. Post a variety of types of content.
    • Different people like to view different types of content. Make sure you post a variety of different types of content to keep your followers interested and engaged.
  2. Adjust your content based on your follower interaction.
    • Facebook collects data for you, so make sure you frequently check the metrics they provide. Your followers might interact with certain types of posts at certain times. Adjust your posts accordingly to get increased follower interaction.

Take these tips to go with this downloadable PDF.