Twitter has about 353 million users. That is roughly 20 million more users than there are people living in the United States. This can make it difficult to stand out, especially in 280 characters.

That is why using Twitter’s new feature, Twitter Spaces, is so important. With Twitter Spaces you will have the ability to communicate with followers better than ever before.

Twitter Spaces is an exciting new feature that allows you to engage with followers in a much more personal way. Like the popular audio-based platform Clubhouse, you may now have a conversation directly with your Twitter followers in a live audio room.

Image: Shows a twitter Space chatroom

How do I use Twitter Spaces?

You can begin hosting your twitter Space easily, all you need to do is long press the compose icon until the circles into a diamond icon pops up. From there is the sky is the limit!

Image: Shows the Twitter Spaces icon

Once you begin the process of hosting your Space, you will have the option to choose who your speakers will be, write a description of your Space, and even schedule it ahead of time rather than hosting it immediately.

Image: Shows the process of scheduling a Space

To promote your twitter Space, your best bet is the simplest one, tweet about it. You can also send the link through direct messages (DM’s) or copy and paste the link in a text message or email to a friend. No matter which way you choose, be sure to promote your Space for best results.

Image: Shows twitter post (tweet) promoting a Space

If you would like to join a Space hosted by someone else the process is simple. When you are on twitter a purple circle will pop up at the top of the screen showing someone has gone live. From there you will choose how you would like to join on the bottom popup icon and secure your spot.

Image: Shows user joining a Space

Depending on if you choose to join as a speaker or as a listener your experience will be different. As a speaker, you will have the ability to talk, pin tweets, turn on captions, and tweet the Space. If you join as a listener, you can follow along, but will not be able to actively participate.

Every new platform is bound to have some drawbacks, and Twitter Spaces is no exception. For starters, not just anyone can host a Twitter Space, you must have 600 or more followers, which can prevent smaller creators from growing through it.

There are also drawbacks if you are looking to join a Space. Unless you are approved by the host as a speaker or chosen to be one by the host your abilities to engage with the others in the Space are somewhat limited. You will not be able to speak, pin tweets, or communicate with the group.

Twitter Spaces for Politics:

Most people are not using Spaces yet, let alone for politics. But this is exactly why you should be using it. Using Twitter Spaces effectively will put you way ahead of the curve and help you stand out amongst the crowd.

One of the most important ways for you to use Twitter Spaces is to advertise ahead of time. Schedule you Space for the times when people are most likely to be active, a good rule of thumb is between 7am-9am on Fridays.

You can also increase your viewership by having an eye-catching or exciting description. Even if your topic is not the most exciting, you can make it appear exciting using expressive language or shocking statistics.

“During the coronavirus pandemic, 40% of adults reported struggling with either substance abuse or mental health. We need to discuss mental health and improve the lives of Americans. Let’s talk about it.”

This description is much more likely to catch the eyes of your potential audience, than this one where no statistic and descriptive language are used.

“The coronavirus pandemic caused mental health issues to increase among many Americans. This is a very serious issue. Let’s talk about it.”

Both are the same topic and have relatively similar language. However, your viewers will be much more likely to engage with you on the first description than the second.

Finally, make sure you make your Spaces regularly each week or month. This way your audience knows when they are and has something to look forward to. If your Spaces are scheduled out correctly you will see growth both in your number of attendees, but also on your complete twitter profile.

One great way you can do this is with a Friday breakfast club. This will give your followers something to look forward to and it will take place at the time when people tend to be most active.

To learn more about Twitter and other social media platforms be sure to check out Leadership Institute’s Digital Download training. They can be found as a collection here or on Leadership Institute’s website under the digital trainings section.