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How to Make the Facebook Algorithm Work for You

I know that getting your content seen on Facebook can be difficult. I understand the frustration of posting content you know is great, and then only getting one or two likes. Not only do you have to produce great content, you also have to ensure your content is being seen. Getting your...


How to Speak Campaign 101: A Campaign Glossary

Learning how to talk the talk isn’t always the easiest. Growing up, my mother did her best to limit my screen time and discouraged me and my sisters from playing video games. However, this did not stop my grandparents from surprising us one Christmas morning with a brand-new Wii and a set of...


2 Powerful Online Tips for 2020 and Beyond

It’s no secret social media, videos, and mobile-first design is effective. I can guarantee you that an amusing video on Facebook will catch your eye later today while checking your smartphone. We know digital works. But making your content good enough to compete with furry animals is no easy...


6 Great Digital Resources (that are free!)

Today, I want to show my thanks by showing you many of my favorite (and free) digital resources. If you're interested in learning more digital skills, you're going to LOVE these resources: 1. Peter McKinnon. With 5M+ YouTube subscribers, he's full of savvy advice for any creative. Check out one...