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Faculty Biography

Christopher Malagisi is host of the Conservative Book Club Podcast, which is a weekly podcast of candid interviews and conversations with the country’s leading and bestselling conservative authors and notable leaders discussing books, movies, culture, politics, and conservatism, now powered by the Ricochet podcast network! Malagisi has interviewed over 350 authors, scholars, public leaders, and presidential candidates, and is Editor in Chief of the Conservative Book Club – the largest political book club in the country with over 750,000 members nationwide.

He is a political columnist at and has a weekly recurring segment on The Mike Gallagher Radio Show discussing political and cultural news, while announcing the weekly Conservative Book Bestseller List. His writing has been published in numerous media outlets, has been a guest political analyst on Fox News, Fox Business, and CSPAN, and has been a guest contributor on numerous national radio shows, including The Dennis Prager ShowThe Hugh Hewitt ShowThe Brian Kilmeade Show, and DC’s WMAL Mornings on the Mall. He was also the William and Barbara Edwards Media Journalism Fellow at The Hoover Institution at Stanford University.

Malagisi was previously the CPAC Director & Director of External Relations at the American Conservative Union where he was responsible for organizing the country’s largest and most influential annual conservative gathering. Under his leadership during the 2012 GOP presidential primary and election, he organized CPAC 2012, CPAC FL, and CPAC Chicago.

Due to his efforts, BizBash awarded CPAC 2012 one of the country’s best and most important political events of the year, and Campaigns & Elections Magazine named Malagisi a “DC Mover & Shaker,” and previously awarded him their “Rising Star Award.” He’s also received the “Conservative Leader Award” from The Leadership Institute, and recently received America’s Future Foundation’s “William F. Buckley Jr. Leadership Award” for significant achievements in advancing conservatism.

Follow him at @chrismalagisi

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