What is at stake in America

When the Constitution was written, the founders were conscious of the danger of power. To prevent any one man or group from becoming tyrannical, they set in place a system of government that divided power among three branches.

The legislative branch, or congress, was given the power to legislate and create laws. They were also given the power of the purse, the power of consent of executive appointees and judicial nominees, and the ability to advise the executive branch. They were also given the powers of approving treaties and impeachment.

The Executive, or the President, was discharged with enforcing the law, but was also given the power to veto legislation and appoint federal and Supreme Court justices.

The judicial branch, or the courts, were given the power to adjudicate the laws of the land. To a conservative, this is understood through the ideas of “originalism” and “judicial restraint.”

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